Safeguarding Adults Policy 2022

The Charity will set out our roles, responsibilities and boundaries, and is committed to ongoing review processes, so that continual improvement in the management of our safeguarding procedures can be achieved.

Our general intentions are to

• Play a reasonable part as a charity detect and report neglect and abuse.

• Provide safeguards against poor practice, harm and abuse as an integral part of the Charity’s care and support of the adults.

• Recognise and identify types of abuse and report to the appropriate authority

 • Recognise and identify risk of significant harm to vulnerable adults from abuse or other types of exploitation.

• Support members attending Rising Voices Wessex choirs.

• Ensure all members have the right to be treated well, regardless of race, age, gender or location.

• Follow statutory guidance, good practice guidance and legislation relevant to Rising Voices Wessex.

• Aim to achieve this through partnerships between local organisations, communities and individuals.