Rising Voices Grievance Policy and Procedure 2024

Reviewed 30.04.2024

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that, as far as possible, disputes or the escalation of any dispute may be avoided.

Occasionally a member or group of members or individuals involved with Rising Voices Wessex may disagree, or feel aggrieved by a decision that has been taken on their behalf by the Trustees or the Steering Group or by the actions of another choir member.

When a grievance is raised it can often be resolved to the member’s satisfaction in its early stages through constructive dialogue.

A grievance procedure is therefore in place so that should a dispute arise, it can be properly and fairly dealt with.

See attached document for the procedure.

Should at any stage the individual wish to return to the choir following the procedure process they should make a formal request to the Trustees and meet with them and agree to abide by the Code Of Conduct before resuming membership.